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Remote Work Management
Not knowing how to manage remote employees is pushing some companies to dial back on remote work, when it may be in their best interest to embrace it. Join us with Chris Whaley as we talk about how more work is getting done outside of the traditional workplace, how preventing remote work could be costing you opportunities, and how to lead others (including yourself!) in the era of remote work.

Aug 20, 2019 11:00 AM in Vancouver

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Chris Whaley
Global HR and Transformation Executive @Philips Healthcare
Chris Whaley has 20+ years of experience ranging from start-up public service to high-volume/low-margin consumer goods and global medical/health technology solutions. In his most recent role, he served is Vice-President and Head of HR for the Philips Monitoring & Analytics and Therapeutic Care businesses, part of one of the leading companies in the global health care medical device and solutions space. He led HR for several thousand employees in the United States, Germany, China and other countries in roles ranging from operations and R&D to medical doctors and clinical scientists. He has led physical and virtual global teams in the areas of HR (organizational effectiveness, talent management, culture, engagement, performance management, change management, M&A integration etc.), business transformation and process improvement. He holds degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Industrial Engineering along with a 6-sigma Black Belt and PMI certification as a Project Management Professional.
Angela Garinger
Executive Producer and Host @Thoughtexchange
Angela is a dynamic leader responsible for supporting the client-focused culture of Thoughtexchange by understanding the needs of our corporate partners to determine what success means for them. She leads the corporate sales team to ensure that each one of our corporate partners is able to cultivate a culture of courageous and collaborative leadership to promote transparency and buy-in leading to increased employee engagement and higher productivity. Prior to joining Thoughtexchange, Angela successfully led a cross-functional team of researchers, analysts, account managers, and technology specialists to support transformation and innovation efforts in the private and public sector. Her background in communication and analytics makes her passionate about Thoughtexchange’s ability to partner with corporations to prioritize insights in order to create actionable, data-driven decisions. Outside of work, Angela is an amateur stand-up comedian.